Botschaften anderer Medien

Greeting from Faith

Faith – received by Helge Mercker on May 4, 2020, Swakopmund, Namibia.

Yes, my daughter, it is Faith. I have not communicated for a long time and I wish to make my presence known as you desire to write our words. I welcome your enthusiasm and dedication to this work, as I long to communicate with you on Earth, and thank you for putting forth your desire. Through the longing of your soul for the Father’s Love many energies are being activated. One of which is our response, our desire to support you on Earth in your prayers, in your dedication to our Heavenly Father. We are drawn near to a soul who seeks the Father’s Love with heartfelt desire and longs to be in the company of Heavenly support.

In opening up your soul, your love floods forth rising up to reach God. We come and pray with you, uphold you and bring you our love, healing and guidance. It is good to be open for our presence and support but much depends on the willingness of the mortal to make use of our offer of assistance. Much is placed before you, but little is seen or recognised. By seeking to bring your soul to the forefront and with the perceptions of the soul realized, you will see with great clarity what is being presented. In your soul desires much will come to you, for it is there you will ‘see’ what God is giving in His gracious giving and loving nature. Seek to see with your soul. Make all efforts to awaken in your soul and perceive from that place of love and beauty.

In my journeys I tried to perceive with my heart. Much came to me and was given to me. My life unfolded in a dedicated way toward God. In my pursuit of happiness, I found it in the place where I recognised the Love of God, that place that is soul. I wish to write more on this topic of soul but will come again. 

For now, I wish to add my prayers and will continue in my dedication of bringing the words of truth to your world. I love you dear daughter and will come again. God bless you. God bless you.